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Good quality paper drinking straw making machine 50m/min high speed


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WXZGJ-50 series paper straw making machine as a ideal equipment for paper straws, with a high speed and stable capacity it is specially dedicated to spiral wind paper tubes of very small diameters from ID 4.7-12mm.

thanks to the new servo- inverter-PLC drive controlled system, the machine could working in high accuracy and steady output. Which could you bring you high profit.
easy operating, and low maintenance cost and great flexibility make this machine perfectly suited for all paper tube manufacturer.

as our standard all machines equipped with top quality famous electrical parts and mechanical parts, such as Schneider, Siemens, Airtac etc. We also accept fully customizable according to your request.

friendly HMI made by touch screen and English language help you control the machine in best condition.

Technical Specification

Paper Layer

3 Layer (Inner paper 120gsm,Outside paper 60gsm)

The Straw Inner Size


The Raw Material

Pure wood pulp paper & Kraft paper (food grade)


35-40 m/min

Cutting System

Servo motor

Gumming Way

Single and double side

Total Power

380V 3H 50 HZ 6kw (main motor 1.5kw*2 sets)


One person

Working Air Pressure



6 sets

Weight of Machine



20GP*3 Sets / 40GP*7 Sets



Machine Dimension


Operation Space



Paper Size

Details Image


Suitable for small diameter paper tube production,such as paper straw,pen tube

1. Machine adopts PLC control, all data can be display in the touch screen.

2. Automatically cut, automatically fall pipe, automatically change speed and revert;

3. With online multi-cut blades, no need secondary cutting, save labor and time.

4. Machine adopts Flange for fix the mandrel.

5. Machine supply of lubricant automatically

6. Numerical control servo cutter device,high precision cutting

7.Round knife cutting,incision more smooth,performance more stable

7. Stainless steel gluing box,with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife,durable in use