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High quality drinking paper tube making machine 50m/min high speed


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The WXZGJ-50 High speed paper straw machine integrates raw material feeding ,guling,winding and cutting on one time

The machine with CNC multi-tool cutting system,can make any size paper straw,such as 6mm,8mm,10mm,etc.

1. The machine is controlled by PLC ,the host machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation and the main machine interface is a touch screen,with simple setting and convenient operation.

2. The cutting part adopts multi-tool cutting system for serving customers and the servo motor keeps track of cutting synchronously with a high precision and time saving efficiency.

3. The frame and main parts are made by stainless steel to ensure the product is hygienic and environment friendly.


Paper Layer

3 Layer (Inner paper 120gsm,Outside paper 60gsm)

The Straw Inner Size


The Raw Material

Pure wood pulp paper & Kraft paper (food grade)


35-40 m/min

Cutting System

Servo motor

Gumming Way

Single and double side

Total Power

380V 3H 50 HZ 6kw (main motor 1.5kw*2 sets)


One person

Weight of Machine



20GP*3 Sets / 40GP*7 Sets



Machine Dimension


Operation Space


Competitive Advantage

Multi-blade cutting system 

Adopted main-machine control interface, touch screen parameters setting, easy for operating. Controlled by encoder, driven by servomotor, automatic and high efficiency. Rolling by belt and tension device adjusted by handle wheel. 3 options for machine body: Blue painting, white painting and stainless steel. Select and use famous brand suppliers for motor and electrical equipment. 

Aluminum-Profile Glue Unit 

Choose gluing single side or double sides. The drinking straws are glued evenly and sticked firmly. 

Aluminum-Profile Paper Reel Stand 


The paper roller can be easily installed on the T-bar and rotate flexibly. According to the requirement of paper layers, you can put 3~6paper rollers. 



Straw Collector  


Pick the straws automatically and row them tidily at the container.