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Plc control high speed paper straw flexo printing machine 70m/min


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 Schematic diagram


Process flow  

Auto Paper roll feeding-> Auto tension control, centralization-> Printing-> Heating and dry-> Rewinding part


Printing samples

Competitive Advantage

The machine adopts rubber plate or (photosensitive resin plate) as of plate printing machine, professional printing of paper material, it is the ideal equipment of paper printing. 

1. Simple operation, accurater.

2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the number of the automatic stop, broken material automatic stop.

3. Include the ink roller, uniform process.

4. Reliable drying system, with high-speed rotation, it will automatically open circuit.

5. 360 degrees of continuous adjustable longitudinal sets of equipment.

6. Frequency control, to adapt to the different printing speed.